About Tousled

Tousled is a blow dry bar located in Wichita, Kansas. 


Our mission is to empower one another through beauty while delivering an exclusive experience. 

Tousled is the perfect place to go for a girls day out, wedding and bachelorette parties, special events, prom and just because you deserve to feel beautiful. 




Kalene Hoffmann

Kalene loves everything beauty and confidence. She is on a mission to bring beauty + fashion to the midwest.

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Creative Lead

Alex Dinicola

Alex has a passion for video. Alex is on a mission to showcase beauty through photo and video in a captivating way.

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Educator & Stylist

Mikayla Mosley

Mikayla can create any look with perfection. She is on a mission to educate stylists to be their best.

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Product Educator & Stylist

Regina Cortner

Regina loves finding the perfect product cocktail for each client.

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Front Desk & Soon to be Stylist

Jacy Cornell

Jacy is full of life. A soon to be licensed cosmetologist Jacy enjoys being creative with each client.

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Brooke Poynter

Brooke brings energy behind the chair. She loves creating a true bond with her clients and making them feel beautiful.

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Cheryl Suazo

Cheryl is a master at blowouts. She has a passion for giving her clients more than they ask for. 

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Front Desk Lead

Ally Dreesen

Mom, wife and the Front Desk Lead, Ally is your go to woman for any questions about Tousled.

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Ashley Cornelison

Ashley is obsessed with making her clients feel beautiful. She always delivers just what you want.

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Aimee TwoHatchett

Aimee is a master at braids and can give a girl beautiful volume. In her spare time she's planning her wedding.

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Tamara Sosa

Tamara loves trying new things, traveling and making a woman feel beautiful. 

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Talerra Williams

Talerra will make your hair fabulous. If your hair is super curly or straight Talerra is your girl.