Hair Care Myths

There are so many tips and tricks to healthy, glowing hair but what really works and what is a total myth? We just touch the tip with a few hair myths in this article. There are so many more but the key is to remember that you are an individual and every person has individual needs to achieve healthy hair. If you want the recipe for beautiful healthy hair specific to you, schedule a consultation today with one of our experts.

MYTH 1 Wash your hair daily for beautiful, clean hair.

There is nothing better than fresh, clean hair. It has body, movement and looks gorgeous but it is a huge myth that washing your hair everyday is what achieves beautiful, clean hair. In fact, if you wash your hair daily you cause the hair cuticles to open and close often causing more oil production and long term damage to your hair especially if you blow-dry and use hot tools after each wash.

For beautiful, clean hair schedule hair wash days 1-2 times per week. Don't freak out on the non-wash days... we have products to help keep body, movement and freshness.

MYTH 2 Split ends can be repaired.

Despite what some products might say, split ends CAN NOT be repaired however we can do our best to prevent them from happening in the first place. How? It all starts with your stylist...

In each blonding service we do at Tousled we add in a bonding agent to the lightener. This helps prevent breakage during the service which is where split ends can start.

If you're someone that does not lighten your hair, or someone that does and you have received a blonding service with a bonding agent added, the next step is how you care for your hair at home. A few at home tips to help prevent split ends are:

  • Apply a hair masque weekly

  • Sleep on a silk pillow case

  • Wear a loose pony tail

  • Apply oil or leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair daily

  • Always use a heat protectant product before applying heat to your hair

MYTH 3 Blow-dry your hair upside down for volume.

Blowdrying your hair upside down for volume may add a boost of volume but it will also add frizz and fly-aways. Why? Because when you flip your head upside down to blow-dry, you're blowdrying against the cuticle of the hair causing it to create fly-aways.

For a smooth blowout blow-dry or air-dry your hair 80% dry then round brush until 100% dry. The round brush technique adds volume, curl and smoothness that will last days.

For beautiful color and lasting style, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today!