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Extension Home Care Guidelines


Everyday Care


Brushing your extensions is a MUST! We suggest brushing from roots to ends at least twice a day to prevent unnecessary tangling and matting.

Applying oil to the mids and ends of the extension hair daily will help keep the hair nourished and soft while also preventing split-ends.

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We do not suggest washing the extension hair more than once to twice per week. If you are an everyday washer, we suggest that you wash the mohawk area consisting of your natural hair as frequently as you like.


Brush out extensions with a detangling brush before getting into the shower.  This helps prevent deep tangling and matting.


Use a Sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner to prolong your hair color and the extension color as well, we love Kevin Murphy products. Shampoo gently between rows, no need for vigorous scrubbing.

Use a leave-in + oil combo right after your shower and before you brush out your hair with the detangling brush (again). When brushing wet hair, start from your ends and work your way up the scalp.  Hold the hair in one hand (pinched in a ponytail) and brush down.



Spray heat protectant before blow-drying. Rough-dry (or air-dry) your hair 80% of the way (meaning no tugging at the extensions with a round brush or comb, just use your hands/fingers).  This applies to Dry Bars as well.  Make sure to communicate to whoever is styling your hair to NOT round brush your hair from start to finish.

You can use a round brush and a small amount of tension to smooth your hair and the extension hair, the last few minutes of your blow dry.

If curling your extensions, run the extension hair through the curling iron to smooth the hair once or twice, before placing curls.  This will give your extensions a more polished look, close the cuticle of the hair, and prolong the life of the extension hair.

Always use some type of heat protectant on hair before adding direct contact heat.



Brush the extension hair out, add oil, then place in a loose bun, ponytail, or braid using a scrunchie.


Pro-Tip: use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent friction damage to hair and skin.

Other Pro Tips

If you notice any excess tangling or hair shedding, please contact your stylist, as these are quick fixes when addressed right away.

You can live a normal active lifestyle, just treat the extensions with some gentleness to keep them looking their best, the longest.

Never let sunscreen or sun-tan oil touch the extension hair.  They will turn peach and it cannot be removed.


When swimming, coat your hair in conditioner and wear in a tight braid (especially in the ocean) or high bun.


Be aware, salt water and chlorine can strip hair of color. We have noticed that hard water can also strip natural and extension hair of color and nutrients. If possible use soft water.

We hope you love your Luxury Hair Extensions as much as we do!

Please feel free to text the salon phone (316-494-0760) if you have any questions regarding your hair extensions.

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