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With Tousled Hair Extensions You Get Stunning, Natural Looking Hair with Seamless Color, and Minimal Effort!

Get the Natural Hair Extensions You’ve Always Wanted With No DAMAGE.


Our Extensions are an intricate method that has minimal points of contact and known for being the most natural, light weight and comfortable method on the market. They are so seamless they won't Show – Even With a Ponytail!

It’s Simple, Yet Amazing. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself by clicking the link below. The more information we have about your hair and history, the more personalized your consultation will be.  Before we meet, take a peak at our extension process...


Your Personalized Tousled Experience

Our mission is to give you an Exclusive Hair Experience where you'll end up leaving our Salon Transformed; Feeling Beautiful and Confident.

You'll be surrounded with like-minded women who share your belief and understanding that this is about more than “just hair” - IT'S HAIR CONFIDENCE and it turns heads everywhere you go.

That's why we make every effort to ensure you are taken care of every second of your time with us, and also why we've designed this to be time-efficient while also giving you a relaxing, quality experience.


Quality Hand-Tied Extensions

We use the highest quality hand-tied hair available which supports our mission of giving you a more natural and fuller appearance, softer and better color blends while ensuring your hair extensions not only look healthy, but also last longer.

You may be wondering what is "hand-tied"?

We choose hand-tied hair because the hair wefts lay flatter to the scalp for optimal comfort and a seamless blend.

Hand-tied wefts also allow you to wear your hair up without bulkiness.  

You will love the comfort and flexibility hand-tied hair offers you!


Creating a Beautiful, Natural Color Blend

If your color doesn't blend perfectly, it's a dead giveaway you have hair extensions. That's why we pride ourselves with our Custom Coloring Process of both the Hand-Tied Hair, AND Your Natural Hair. 


When you first come in, we review your hair history, consider how your hair fades with color and your color goals, then come up with a game plan for YOUR customized process of Tousled Hair Extensions.


We typically choose a variety of custom-colored hair to give you depth and dimension for the most natural extension blend.  Then, we custom color your hair and the extensions to give you the hair of your dreams.

Extensions that look and feel like your own hair




Installing Your Hair Extensions

The whole process is time-effective and the installation process is PAIN FREE! (If you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds) 


There's no Glue or Tape involved, and even the removal process is quick and painless taking just about 5 minutes!


PLUS, unlike other hair extension methods, our hair extensions don't damage your hair and are completely invisible!


In fact, in most cases, our method of extensions helps to IMPROVE the Long-Term Health of your Natural Hair because it's light-weight, and needs minimal effort.


Styling Your Hair Extensions

The result of our TOUSLED HAIR EXTENSIONS is simply amazing and looks just as good IN-PERSON as it does in Before & After Photos - and can be worn in multiple different styles without showing.


You can even throw your hair in a ponytail and head to the gym without having to look in the mirror to make sure anything is showing.


Plus, our extensions also hold curls really well, don't get as oily as most natural hair, and are the perfect hair solution for a busy, active lifestyle.  It will take you no time to get ready on non-hair wash days!


At your appointment, we'll discuss, show and teach you different styles that not only look amazing, but are also easy, quick, and efficient to do.


After Photos

At the end of your Reservation, we take time to document your HAIR CONFIDENCE with after photos.




This is far more than “just hair”.


Your Hair Is Your #1 Asset, and Your Statement Piece...


...and THIS is your moment to truly SHINE.

We want to show you off!


"This Changed My Life!"

After wearing tape in's for years, I made the switch and I am SO happy. This changed my life! No longer do I worry about the Kansas wind blowing my hair and giving away my secret.


"I LOVE the Blend!"

I was nervous to get extensions because I didn't want them to be obvious. I LOVE the blend, it is so natural.  Plus I can wear my extensions down, up, in braids and no one knows.  Thank you for giving my dream hair.​


"My Confidence is Back!"

My entire life I have struggled with fine, thin hair. After getting extensions my confidence came back. I am no longer self conscious of what others think because I now have full, thick hair.​


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