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Struggling with Hair Loss or Thinning Hair?


With Mesh Integration Extensions, you get stunning, fuller-looking hair with minimal effort!

There is FINALLY a solution for women struggling with Hair Loss! Whether your hair loss is caused by medical history, stress, or Female Pattern Hair Loss, we are here to help!


Our Mesh Integration is an intricate method that is unlike traditional hair loss methods such as Wigs or Toppers. Mesh Integration is a more customized solution to your hair loss struggles that typical extensions alone can't eliminate.

Tell us a little bit about yourself by clicking the link below. The more information we have about your hair and history, the more personalized your consultation will be.  Before we meet, take a peak at our extension process...


Your Personalized Tousled Experience

Our mission is to give you an Exclusive Hair Experience where you'll end up leaving our Salon Transformed; Feeling Beautiful and Confident.

You'll be surrounded with like-minded women who share your belief and understanding that this is about more than “just hair” - IT'S HAIR CONFIDENCE and it turns heads everywhere you go.

That's why we make every effort to ensure you are taken care of every second of your time with us, and also why we've designed this to be time-efficient while also giving you a relaxing, quality experience.


Lace Toppers

We use the highest quality lace closures available in different sizes and colors, supporting our mission of giving you a more natural and fuller appearance.

You may be wondering what is a "lace closure" topper?

Like a traditional topper, a lace enclosure helps to cover the top of your head where you might be experiencing hair loss or hair thinning.

Unlike traditional toppers, there is no need to remove and reattach the hairpiece every morning and evening. This type of application allows us to sew in the topper to a foundation, leaving the guest with less day-to-day maintenance.


Less Hair Coloring Processes

When you first come in, we review your hair history, discuss your color goals, and then come up with a game plan for YOUR customized process of Mesh Integration Extensions.


Guests struggling with hair loss and thinning typically do not want to have to include added stresses like color processing to their hair. Since the top portion of the head is concealed by the lace enclosure, guests can go for a longer period without the need to refresh the color at their roots if desired.

Extensions that look and feel like your own hair




Installing Your Mesh Integration Extensions

The whole process is time-effective and the installation process is PAIN FREE! (If you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds) 


There's no need to worry about damage being done to your natural hair, as the weight of the lace enclosure is secured to a breathable mesh foundation that will keep it secure to the head. 


Our ultimate goal? To IMPROVE the Long-Term Health of your Natural Hair by limiting things such as heat exposure and color processes while wearing the Mesh Integration Extensions.


Styling Your Mesh Integration Extensions

The results of our MESH INTEGRATION EXTENSIONS are simply amazing!


You can achieve styles and looks that you might have never been able to before, such as swoopy face framing, or sassy bangs.


Washing with Mesh Integration is simple! Wash once a week in the shower, gently shampoo, condition, and then blowdry! Since both the mesh foundation and the lace closure are breathable, your natural hair will be able to be washed and dried like normal.


At your appointment, we'll discuss, show, and teach you different styles that not only look amazing, but are also easy, quick, and efficient to do.


After Photos

At the end of your Reservation, we take time to document your HAIR CONFIDENCE with after photos.




This is far more than “just hair”.


Your Hair Is Your #1 Asset, and Your Statement Piece...


...and THIS is your moment to truly SHINE.

We want to show you off!

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